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Open Tray

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User Info: Ikillshy

5 years ago#1
Some of the discs I put into the xbox 360 won't even attempt to read just goes right to "Open Tray" Any suggestions?

User Info: Wreck_Chords

5 years ago#2
I usually just keep restarting my 360 until it works. Sometimes it takes 10-15 restarts. Every once in a while I just have to leave my 360 alone for a few hours and come back to it later.
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User Info: halwende

5 years ago#3
It's an initial sign of DVD drive failure - or it's just really dirty / dusty inside - as the lense can't detect the presence of a disc

Try a lense-cleaning kit, or send it to MS for repair (mine came back with a new DVD drive)

If it's out of warranty you can try opening it up and cleaning it yourself, or replacing the lense, at your own risk of course...

User Info: Wreck_Chords

5 years ago#4
Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, once you start getting these open tray errors somewhat frequently, immediately install every game you play and don't play any games unless they are installed. I started getting the open tray errors frequently sometime last year and I immediately installed everything I played and from there on out I only play installed games. Since then, I've gotten the open error maybe 2 or 3 times, so very infrequent. It really helps a lot.
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