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RROD fixed, but new problem

#1Adam413777Posted 7/11/2011 10:46:45 PM
Today I used a youtube video series to fix my own 360. It has been repaired by Microsoft multiple times for RROD, but it broke again and the extended warranty is over. So I did it myself! Good news is, it worked. I have a 360 up and running again. The bad news is ... it seems like the screen is shifted to the left and down slightly. Almost like watching a widescreen movie on a TV that is not set up for it. You can't see the bottom left corner of the screen, and sometimes the top of the screen is black.

How in the WORLD does this happen? What can I do to fix it? I notice it is the worst with Two Worlds 2 (which I just got for special price), but I also notice it cuts off Fable as well. I am yet to try any other games, but I imagine it is the same thing.

I have also tried it on 3 different TVs. Two are HD and one is normal TV. HD cables and AV cables both do the same thing.

What can I do?