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5 years ago#1
Can't seem to get the page to open.
GT- Abyssal Shift
5 years ago#2
I was able to log in just now to Seems everythings working for me.
10 OCTOBER 2008
GT: z3lgam3r
5 years ago#3
I've been having trouble using using Internet Explorer 9 recently, ironically enough. I can still get the page to load, but things like the friends list never finish loading. It works fine in Firefox for me.

But the site seems to be working, at least for me, provided you use the right browser.
5 years ago#4
Its working now. Probably just a coincidence. Yesterday some angry person threatened to "hack" me. Then i couldn't log it lol. Everythings good though.
GT- Abyssal Shift
5 years ago#5
I guess I should post that I was using firefox just now when I logged in.
10 OCTOBER 2008
GT: z3lgam3r
5 years ago#6
This topic gets posted every few days, it seems. That site's just flaky.
It's a wand that poops glitter! What's gooder than that? -- Jake, Adventure Time
5 years ago#7
apparently I broke it for everyone trying to remove my credit card from their system which I canceled a few days ago...

I don't know why they have to make it so difficult to remove payment options with their stupid forced auto-renew... Guess the joke will be on them when they try to auto-renew on a card that is no longer valid.
PSN: Davelicious GT: Davelicious46
5 years ago#8
Yeah, I'm constantly having a message show up when trying ton use the site:

Bad Request - Invalid Verb

HTTP Error 400. The request verb is invalid.

Ah well...
GT/PSN: Focian-
People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. Chaos is born from loving things, and using people.
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