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Saints Row 3 Summed up

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5 years ago#81
Wacky posted...
Fun is completely vague, undefined, opinionated, arbitrary, and non-descriptive. Stop relying on it as if it were a trump card. It's not. I had as much fun playing GTA IV as I did playing SR.

And I disagree wholeheartedly with not being able to experience a story (yes, in a game, too) in different ways during the second time around. Yes, it's an interactive medium. However, that does not detract from the plot-line itself. Some of the revelations or shock may be subdued, but you'll be able to pick up the subtle hints or foreshadowing or appreciate the way it wraps up. I just don't think a story is echoed.

And I don't think that Arucard is arguing for the sake of art, but for the sake of variety in art.

Not to sound insulting(and I am not trying to be) but that is a typical rebuttal, honestly. Whenever someone says that a game that another person likes is not fun to that person raises that same rebuttal all the while defending their own opinion. So if it doesn't matter than why even use that rebuttal as a defense? That type of response almost seems knee jerk is all, and for how well it reads it is an argument lacking of critical thinking on the matter. No one is raising it as a trump card; it simply is a matter of subjective opinion just as this whole discussion/debate is. Without even realizing it you are audaciously implying that I don't have that right to use fun as an opinion and then use it as your defense... I think the problem here is that you are looking at this as a debate where one side is right and one side is wrong. The err in that approach is that both sides can be and are right and wrong at the same time. That however doesn't nullify those opinions.

And just to clarify, at no point was I telling the other poster he was wrong, I was merely clarifying my opinion on the subject and elaborating from my previous post. I am glad that you are able to enjoy both games thoroughly, but respect that for others that is not the case. Just as I am sure there are games that you don't find fun or enjoyable that others will... are you wrong for not liking those games? No! Know that two sides can disagree and still be right... and wrong...

And fun can be loosely defined, and agreed on. Otherwise we wouldn't have these little debates with two camps. I think you are looking at the world as if it is ruled by absolutes when realistically there are none. Just because fun is a vague notion does not mean that it can not be agreed upon, commonality can not be found and shared, and if it can be agreed upon than it means that many people have a limited and shared ideal of what it means to them even if they can't fully articulate it wholly. The fact that it is even a word proves that it can be defined at least loosely.
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5 years ago#82

As for you disagreeing with me on not experiencing a games story the same way, again that is all subjective to opinion and perception. I am the type of person that happens to be exceptionally perceptive and deductive in my reasoning, so when I watch most movies and play most video games, I pick up on those supposedly subtle hints that are actually quite blatant immediately and often have a fair amount of the story figured out beforehand. So while that may work for you as a gamer, that does not however work for me personally. Bioshock didn't throw me for a loop, I caught the suggestions early on, KotoR didn't twist me I figured the twist halfway through the game. In most games and movies I am like that to the point where I tell my wife to leave me the heck alone and watch the movie early on when she starts pestering me as to who did what in a suspenseful movie because she knows I already have it figured out. I am not saying I am smart, but over the years of my many various professions I have acquired the skillets that make it easy to tell a lie, see what is not being said, see what is being alluded to, and connect the dots involuntarily and so forth that just translate over somewhat ruining my hobbies of movies and games where all those little subtle markers seem like giant flashing lights to me.

And as for the last part of Arucard not arguing for art but rather variety in art, well than that is exactly what he is getting with Saints Row 2. For all the comparisons to GTA it gets, in many ways it is the polar opposite from the series even in the ways it is similar. That sounds like variety to me...At least that is how I see it...
GT: Bool Zero / PSN: BoolZero / Wii:Who uses Wii codes, really?
5 years ago#83
I'm having trouble of deciding between Saints Row 3 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations for my November game. Both look awesome and potential day one purchases.

Also, if GTAV is like GTAIV, I ain't buying it. I know a few others who also aren't interested if its the same. Small sample size and all but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a bit of a hit in sales: kind of like Metal Gear Solid 3 after 2. Lot of people hyped it up, but many were still disappointed in it to where they didn't pick up 3. Not enough to cancel 4, but the results were noticeable and I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happens to GTAV.

I also mostly agree with MUD VIPER, for whatever that is worth.
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5 years ago#84
Ah, what would a SR-GTA topic be without crazy old uncle Mud Viper coming in with his gospel gibberish trying to mask his flawed opinions as facts.
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5 years ago#85
beastwarking posted...
I'm having trouble of deciding between Saints Row 3 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations for my November game. Both look awesome and potential day one purchases.

lol @ people who don't have Gamefly at this point. SR3 I can understand buying, there is so much to do for a long time. But AC: Rev can be 100% beat in a week.
5 years ago#86
And yeah, Mud Viper has no idea what he is talking about.
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