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Legit "future of MS" topic

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5 years ago#1
I know, I know. This whole post will have troll painted all over it. I don't blame you. A lot of my thoughts could borderline troll status. But let me reassure you, my concerns are legit, to me anyway, and are to be based on viable rumors or facts.

It's going to jump around topics, and you'll most likely disagree with at least 50% or what I'm going to ramble about.

1 - Online Functionality.

I live on a mountain, and guess what? I don't have high speed. Sure, there are other less functional, and some how more expensive, options available, but I'm not rich. This isn't just an issue for me, or the people in my area. The US is very far behind in broadband connectivity as I'm sure you all know.

Does this bother anyone? Specifically those with no high speed? I mean first it was online play. I could deal with that. Then it was DLC and video streaming. It sucked, but DVDs and DLC on discs saved me.

But now it seems they're even more focused on internet functionality than ever before. And why shouldn't they? It sells and it provides unlimited content. But it IS a concern of mine, and makes me question the next generation of systems entirely.

2 - Motion Controllers.

Whether it's here to stay, to me, is already answered. In one console cycle, we've witnessed HD, DLC, DD, and motion controllers. At their current stance, they don't bother me at all. Devs are making them an after thought, an added bonus to those who enjoy it.

But what about next gen systems? What if it's switched, your typical controller is an afterthought, with nothing but wands and sensor bars as the main, ideal preference of control.

This subject could be argued for days. "they will never give up conventional controllers over motion entirely." I hope that stance is completely correct, but just the fact that they COULD, worries me.

3 - ***RUMOR*** Xbox games playable on Windows 8.

It may or may not have been debunked by now. I don't really care. But for the sake of my argument, lets say it's still possible. It opens up a wider issue I'm having with MS. Lack of original content.

You can make any excuse or throw facts my way all day, it wont change my view. MS needs more exclusives. That game or franchise that makes me say I MUST own an Xbox. For some, that's Gears, for some, Halo. For me, it's both. But the fact that we haven't gotten any NEW, ORIGINAL content in a long while, saddens me.

So where are the new IPs going then? Kinect sure seems to be getting some first party attention.

So to round out the complaint, if we CAN play Xbox games on PC with 8, what's the point in the Xbox? But if we CAN NOT play Xbox games on PC, my question still stands, what's the point of owning an Xbox?

I like seeing my friends online. I like the DD and exclusive Arcade titles. But is that worth my support when the core things MS first hooked me on are going out the window, in favor for arm waving puppet shows and streaming TV?

I'm being a little negative there towards the end, but try and see my point. Where MS succeeds in Live and Kinect, Sony and Nintendo go above and beyond to support their systems with core gamer first party titles. Mario, Zelda, God of War, and Uncharted.

But they don't stop there.

When will MS stop being a gaming company, and start being a fully fledged multimedia company, with "some games" thrown in for good measure?

Flame away.
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5 years ago#2
Microsoft isn't a gaming company
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5 years ago#3
For the sake of what the Xbox is, yes, they are. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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5 years ago#4
Ahem, tldr.
As the world plunges into chaos, in this the final days of the wretched human race, there is only one antidote to this misery.....THE ELECTRIC WIZARD.
5 years ago#5
Literacy isn't for everyone.
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5 years ago#6
OK so what is the point of owning an Xbox is the core of your post.

Well what is the point of life ?

To have fun and not ask pointless questions is the answer.
As the world plunges into chaos, in this the final days of the wretched human race, there is only one antidote to this misery.....THE ELECTRIC WIZARD.
5 years ago#7
1. online functionality is here to stay, its the way of the future, you're going to start seeing more things like steam in the coming years

2. motion controllers never will replace conventional controllers, they are not nearly as accurate and the games are more of a time sink than legitimate games, if microsoft wants to lose a major portion of their business in the console market then theyll do it

3. that rumor is completely made up, the people who started listed absolutely no sources, plus if 360 games were playable on the PC it would seriously hurt microsoft in the console market.
"Dude nevermind. You simply dont have the cognitive capacity to comprehend whats going on here."-xXHighBoostXx
5 years ago#8
but that is my whole point. Microsoft IS NOT a gaming company, they are a software company that also have a gaming division as well as other divisions making up the company. That is the reason why the 360 and the future generations will turn into a multi-media console.

Calling Microsoft a gaming company is like calling Sony a gaming company.
Gamertag: F1RE v2 PSN ID: F1REx
5 years ago#9
My post wasn't towards todays tech, it was more of "the tech of tomorrow".

I know motion tech is wonky and inaccurate. But that's my point. What if it becomes to accurate that it's BETTER than a controller? I still wouldn't want it. But the tech is bound to evolve.

And yeah, it may hurt their sales, but if they're trying to turn the Xbox in to a TV streaming station instead of a gaming one, then what would that matter?

As of today, I love my Xbox, I just worry about what the next gen of cycles will be. I enjoy owning all systems, but if I can expect nothing but internet applications from MS in the coming years, then I'll stick to whoever supports gamers most. Maybe Sony? Not liking the Wii U atm.
GT - Intranquill
PSN - Lawlerftw
5 years ago#10
Uhh well just take every day as it comes dude, if you dislike future things from MS go Sony or whatever.

So just chillax and get laid or whatever.
As the world plunges into chaos, in this the final days of the wretched human race, there is only one antidote to this misery.....THE ELECTRIC WIZARD.
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