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I need a girl to play with

#1xlfatcatlxPosted 7/14/2011 11:30:25 PM
Okay first off its not for me. My friend who happens to be a girl is in desperate need of a friend. Shes even gone the extent of craigslist. Sadly that just leads to one night stands.

If any of you are interested msg me and ill be sure to let her know asap. My gt is I FatcaT I.
Big girls don't cry
#2Ryan2002Posted 7/14/2011 11:34:45 PM
xlfatcatlx posted...
Sadly that just leads to one night stands.

What is her name again?
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#3xlfatcatlx(Topic Creator)Posted 7/14/2011 11:36:59 PM
Thats not how this works sir!^
Big girls don't cry
#4Worker_8_Posted 7/14/2011 11:39:03 PM
"I need a girl to play with"

#5Questi0nMarkPosted 7/14/2011 11:44:53 PM
I would love to play with her. I'm a girl! I'll message you shortly. ; )
#6DarknessR18Posted 7/15/2011 2:43:19 AM
Sad, sad thread.
#7LythirisPosted 7/15/2011 4:18:49 AM
I know girls that play than guys. It can't be that hard to find them.
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#8gorilla47Posted 7/15/2011 6:25:20 AM
Hello! and welcome to xbox! I too, am hot girl, look for other hot girl! Thanks you. You shall send me topless.
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#9nath999Posted 7/15/2011 7:03:17 AM
PSN / GT: CommanderCool49
#10BIGEUSTACEPosted 7/15/2011 7:17:58 AM
I want a girl to play with too. Any guy that isn't gay does. You don't have to create a topic about it.