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It has to be said... ALICE Madness returns: Amazing!

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5 years ago#1
I never post on here, just pretty much read what every one has to say. But I gotta tell y'all, despite the poor reviews Alice has received, it is really an amazing game. Great levels, enemies, environments, story, etc. I'm actually wondering if the reason people have blasted this game is for the difficulty. But to me it really feels like an old-school platformer. Just enough difficulty to make you feel like you've accomplished something when you beat an area/enemy. At LEAST rent this game. I wanted to get it day one but was chased away due to the lackluster reviews. I'm glad I ended up paying less but upset that I could have missed this gem due to poor reviews.
5 years ago#2
I Second This.

It is rare to see a 3d platformer released and this has to be the best one this gen thats Not made by nintendo. Definitely one of the most underrated games this gen.
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5 years ago#3
it is a nice game.VERY repetitive and the story is almost not exisistent though.
5 years ago#4
Amen Snes! I mean it has its faults (what game doesn't) but all in all its a game any gamer shouldnt at LEAST try.
5 years ago#5
^i think you mean that any gamer SHOULD try it:D.
5 years ago#6

Alice is some old-school fun.
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5 years ago#7
Honestly, I think it got the reviews it deserved. As a person who played the original back on PC when it first came out ten years ago, I have to say that the problem with the new game for me is that it is more of the same. For most that have never played the original they will automatically inflate this game to higher levels simply because of the macabre style and artful yet unoriginal way they approach the Lewis Carroll material. The storytelling is interesting but pretty straight forward so I don't see how it is remarkable; if anything they make it interesting is all.

The problem is that despite initially having an interesting style it does nothing inventive with it. Take away Alice's style and you have a very average platformer at best. Nothing different, off kilter and askew is ever done with the weird game world of wonderland or with it's game play that makes it stand out as anything other than a typical platformer. That's the problem I had with the game. Also it is not even a very polished one, suffering from dated graphics, texture issues, somewhat okay collision detection that has some issues from time to time and just poor use of great material it has to use at it's avail.

I honestly don't even think difficulty comes into play with this debate; it's not a difficult game, at least no more difficult than other platformers. Honestly I had more trouble with some of the newer Crash games than anything in this game, which most of the enemies are rock-paper-scissor in design and all have their weapon and weakness in strategy. I think most reviewers just see that outside it's style it is just a average platformer, and style alone doesn't elevate a game.

Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad game by any means, but it is not a great game either in my opinion. I think people are just so starved for a new 3D platformer that they will accept anything as more than what it really is. Ans in typical fashion if a game thematically and stylistically looks different from what a gamer is used to they will automatically elevate their opinion of it regardless of actually looking at the game play and seeing whether or not it to is as different as it's style.
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