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what are some games on both PS3/360, but look better on 360?

#1blood_benderPosted 7/20/2011 5:00:36 PM
like Bayonetta, for instance.

any others with a clear difference? im looking for a difference big enough to justify buying the 360 version over the PS3 version.
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#2JtB23Posted 7/20/2011 5:08:43 PM
Red Dead Redemption
#3almasbabyPosted 7/20/2011 5:11:23 PM
Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Resident Evil 5
Mass Effect 2
#4art_of_the_killPosted 7/20/2011 5:14:56 PM
Joke topic?
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#5KraqdarPosted 7/20/2011 5:15:36 PM
Mafia 2
#6blood_bender(Topic Creator)Posted 7/20/2011 5:16:28 PM
Joke topic?

no, i just got a 360 and really wanna know since i'm not too familiar with it.
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#7DuwstaiPosted 7/20/2011 5:29:47 PM
Most games look or run better by a small margin on 360. Ps3s architecture is just harder to work with.

You should really be asking the opposite. Since there are only a few games that run better on ps3.

Im not going to get wrapped up in some console argument, since I dont care. But this is pretty much common knowledge. Doesnt mean one console is better than the other or anything. Just so happens that multiplatforms tend to run better on 360.
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#8M_RUTTER2K8Posted 7/20/2011 5:30:36 PM
Most multiplatfrom games look and/or perform better on 360.
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#9DaLaggaPosted 7/20/2011 5:50:41 PM
#10DahlVaughnniPosted 7/20/2011 5:56:53 PM
I find that most games look better on the ps3 actually since thy sometimes run at a higher resolution, but end up running smoother at a higher framerate on the 360.
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