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Do you respond to hate mail?

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User Info: stawg007

5 years ago#21
i get called a noob quite a lot when i kill people over and over again

i simply reply, how does it feel to get killed by a noob? or, you're not very good if you cant kill a noob

or just lol u mad
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User Info: RPG_Apostle

5 years ago#22
The only time I've ever been involved in hate mail was MvC3.

I'd be winning, they'd rage quit before the end of the match. 6 times I got hate mail, one time I sent it.

Every time I received it was the same, saying how I'm cheap (Dante, Doom, Zero) just because I knew enough to have them combo into eachother. I made it a habit to never spam the same move just to avoid people calling me a spammer. But haters gonna hate.

The only time I ever sent hate mail was to someone who talked **** the entire match, a Sentinel spammer (before the nerf) that my Zero easy destroyed. And when Sent was gone, he quit, as expected. So I may have said a few things... Totally unrelated to the game about things I hoped happened to him. Something involving a rusty bulldog...

However, when I would lose or when I would win a full match, I always congratulated the other person about having a good game and thanked them for sticking through the whole match.
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User Info: TheMuffin

5 years ago#23
I only respond when they send me something outlandish. There was a guy in Bad Company 2: Vietnam that sent me a message saying I was cheating after I knifed him up on the same hill 3 times. I told him there was no way to cheat/hack in that game. He responded telling me that I was cheating because I wasn't even on the scoreboard for the game. I told him he wasn't looking high enough on the list. Responded saying "whatever cheater".... I then sent him a friend request.... He declined.
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