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I can't stream music from my PC to the in-game Music Library in the 360

#1galfasanta1111Posted 7/21/2011 7:12:53 AM
It is annoying. I have Windows 7 and Windows Media Player 12, also Windows Media Center. I have Windows Media Center set up completely to the 360, but I can only play music in Windows Media Center itself and not while playing a game, which is completely useless altogether for me. My Computer and 360 are right next to each other, I have over 2000 songs on my computer an don't want to have to rip them to the hard drive.

In "Music Library" in the dashboard I go down to my Computers name which should be where I can stream my computers music library, but no tracks appear. What should I do? In WMP 12 under the "stream section" I have "Allow Internet Access to my Home Media" and "Automatically allow devices to play my media" ticked, I have the 360 set to "allowed" but the track still don't appear on the 360.
#2TheMuffinPosted 7/21/2011 7:25:46 AM
Stop using Media Center. It's a pile of crap and a resource hog. Try something like TVersity instead.
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#3CapwnDPosted 7/21/2011 9:11:23 AM
^ that. Though with TVersity you are allowing anybody on your network to view what you are streaming. Just FYI. That could be... uncomfortable lmfao. But I only stream music because I'm not a perv.
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