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Which 360 game has the GREATEST pistol?

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User Info: LoveMyPS3

5 years ago#1
some games just do it right.
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User Info: Jedi_Rob

5 years ago#2
Splinter Cell: Conviction
GT: danwithoutYou
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User Info: InfamousChris

5 years ago#3
Halo: Reach.

<3 headshots
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User Info: MyBRbackfired

5 years ago#4
Medal of honor airborne. I love the pistol.

Halo 3 odst. Pistol in firefight going for the endure achievement was fun.
GT- IfIWinUGetRecon or My BR backfired

User Info: Iwantedzero

5 years ago#5
Once it comes out on the 360: Resident Evil 4 with the Red9 pistol.
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User Info: her0finity

5 years ago#6
when the halo HD remake comes out, id say the halo HD remake pistol.
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User Info: bhaalsmasher

5 years ago#7
Bad Company 2's REX.
**** SALT.

User Info: SumTinWong

5 years ago#8
borderlands.... :D
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User Info: KidInTheHall

5 years ago#9
Perfect Dark 64's MagSec, it freakin' looks and shoots just like Robocops gun.
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User Info: warior55

5 years ago#10
.44 magnum - MW2

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