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the xbox36 now autoshuts off?

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User Info: nesrtkfan

5 years ago#1
hey not sure if this the right place to ask, though ive been wondering for about a week or so since my 360 had to do an update

i use it to stream xvids when i go to sleep and i've been waking up to my xbox shut off. i hope its not my console dying and instead its now intelligently shutting itself off when idle? and if so can the timeout be edited?

User Info: BeefEaster

5 years ago#2
yes, this is all in console settings

I know, it's pretty crazy that they would hide it in the settings menu.....

who would think to look there???

User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
5 years ago#3
AFAIK, the 360 has always had an option to auto-shutoff after 6 hours, or to disable auto-shutoff.

The Spring update (back in May) added the option to change it to 1 hour.

The update Tuesday had nothing to do with it.
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  3. the xbox36 now autoshuts off?

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