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How are the wired controllers?

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5 years ago#21
Sort of on topic-- usually I avoid 3rd party products, especially controllers, but I really like the look of the Madcatz Buccaneers controller. Actually, the way they repositioned a few of the buttons is appealing to me, looks like they'll be easier to hit really-

Any opinions on this brand?
5 years ago#22

I can't speak on that one in particular, but I've used 3rd party controllers in the past...Madcatz and others, and to be honest, I haven't liked how ANY of them felt in comparison to the official ones. They always feel too....plasticky or something. I don't know how to describe it except to say that none of them has ever felt right to me. That is why I always stick to originals nowadays. It's not that the others are lower quality or whatever, but they just didn't feel right.
5 years ago#23
Thanks! Yeah, that is why I'm leery of 3rd party stuff, never seems to be nearly as good as OEM. At least with a controller I wouldn't risk losing all my saves like I did with 3rd party memory cards on my previous gen consoles, but still, they are asking a lot for that controller if it turns out to be crap.
5 years ago#24
Microsoft made the perfect controller with the 360. I don't know what is up with 3rd party guys but they love changing the design of the controller and it really throws it off for me.
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