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2 XBL account questions

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User Info: EnemyWithin88

5 years ago#1
Any way to change your email? I was hacked from one email, to the hackers email and then I changed it back to my NEW email and I get the point confirmations when I activate a card in my new email but on XBL its still listed as the hackers email.

Secondly You can remove a credit card now through the system I heard but everytime I try it says I need to provide another credit card for my XBL subscription
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User Info: Renamon

5 years ago#2
You probably just changed the contact email, and not the logon email, or vice versa.

Also, you cannot remove a card if you used it to buy a subscription. You must first turn off auto renew, let your account revert to Silver, then you can remove the card.
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