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buying xbox points from Amazon...

#1Cyborg1000Posted 8/2/2011 7:08:01 PM
If I buy a 1600pt card off of amazon, do they send me a actual card in the mail or do they email me a code? I went to buy of and it asked for a shipping address, so i guess they send it to you and not email it?
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#2her0finityPosted 8/2/2011 7:10:50 PM
seriously, use your eyes.
if it has "online game code" in the title, they send you the code online.
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#3Link43130Posted 8/2/2011 7:13:55 PM
Yup. Online game code is given to you seconds after purchase, Card is mailed to you.
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#4IroncondorzPosted 8/2/2011 7:24:33 PM
They have both types
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#5googlerPosted 8/2/2011 10:20:54 PM
If you select the "ONLINE CODE" you click through a few pages and then accept the LIVE ToS, after which it generates the code for you