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Any games like Kessen?

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User Info: natevines

5 years ago#1
Remember the Kessen games? I loved them, especially the first. Any games like that, like a large scale strategy type game? I love commanding big ass units firing muskets at each other. Doesn't seem to be anything like that these days
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User Info: Auron772

5 years ago#2
I can't really think of any for the 360, but released this year for the PC was Total War: Shogun 2. Something you will especially like if you enjoyed Kessen III.
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User Info: Spidey555

5 years ago#3

User Info: darkhare

5 years ago#4
blade storms pretty awesome, imo its what 99night was supposed to be. i find it hard to believe that this game didnt do very well.
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