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reasns to renew my gold membership???

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5 years ago#1
ever since i got my ps3 ive started to get most multiplats for it since i didn't have alot of ps3 games.

i need some games for my xbox now so it gets some love. i need some reasons to renew my gold membership when i could get the same on my ps3 but with free online. any good online games and good communities? i was thinking of getting gears 3, ghost recon future soldier, and mw3 and bf3. but im not sure which system i should get mw3 and bf3 for because all my friends have ps3's.

im not trying to troll or anything but what are some good online games, im willing to take reccomendations
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5 years ago#2
It's worth it for the ads alone.
5 years ago#3
my gold expired a little over a month ago, and I decided it just wasn't worth it.

I very rarely play online with friends and I never play online by myself... so really it came down to deal of the week access, and that wasn't nearly enough.
so I let it expire and got PS+... haven't had anything really great pop up there yet, but im sure ill get a much better value from it then I did xbl gold.
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5 years ago#4
My account's been silver since June 2010. Gaming is just a losing interest of mine these days, with the pathetic state of the industry at the moment. I'll probably renew it for 3 months or so when gears 3 comes out and then forget about it and move on. Ps3 is free so i always have that backup. Im seriously hoping a next set of consoles is announced soon because everything just seems so stagnant at the moment. Games just aren't what they used to be. But im sure skyrim will be great.
5 years ago#5
lol you're the guy for who everything was better in the past.
5 years ago#6
ChaseFAQs posted...
lol you're the guy for who everything was better in the past.

^^^ because it was
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5 years ago#7
My 12 month gold account expired July 15, 2011 and I'm not renewing it. I only signed up to see what the hype was all about when I purchase my first xbox 360 on July, 15 2010. Too my conclusion it was not worth the hype. It might be fun if you have friends that play on xbl but playing with random strangers is not fun at all.
5 years ago#8
Mine expired a few weeks ago, and I see no point in it either since I have PS3.

They should have 3 tiers. Bronze for free, demos etc... Silver for like $20 which only includes online play. And then Gold for the rate it's going now for all the extravagant stuff most people don't use.
5 years ago#9
Let it expire late last year when i realized Forza 3's multiplayer was ****.

Might re-up if Forza 4 Multiplayer is back to being great.

That's my reason.
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5 years ago#10
It's only like $50.00 right? You'll probably spend more than that on junk food next month.
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