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What is the most beginner friendly fighting game?

#1Nuke20Posted 8/12/2011 9:53:14 PM
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#2cifer520Posted 8/12/2011 9:56:05 PM
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
#3kungfuj0Posted 8/12/2011 10:01:19 PM
Probably DOA4. That game is pretty accessable.
#4KanokarePosted 8/12/2011 10:05:07 PM
Naruto UNS2 .
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#5187mikePosted 8/12/2011 10:20:39 PM(edited)
I recommend the Soul Calibur series. Beginners will have a lot of fun with this game because it is fairly simple and anyone can jump in a play. The good thing about this series is that it also caters to hardcore fighting fans if you the player decide to explore and master the game's deeper fighting mechanics.
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#6darkharePosted 8/12/2011 10:30:51 PM
ya i would say soul calibure as well, easy enough to play with minimal practice but pretty indepth game play for when you get comfortable.
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#7PurestProdigyPosted 8/12/2011 10:36:32 PM
Super Street Fighter 4 AE.

Bear with me guys. It's got a ton of ways to teach you how to play the game including the challenges and although it takes months and months to master it, learning to play decently with at least one character is very easy.
#8EnemyWithin88Posted 8/12/2011 10:53:47 PM
MK and apparently MvC3 has a simple mode. Soul Caliber has always been pretty fun even if your not the greatest. However I JUST sold SFIV because it was far too difficult for me. I could only make it to level 5 with most people in the challenges and had the hardest time beating story mode on medium let alone all the other difficulties. As far as online? I never won a single round.
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#9AsucaHayashiPosted 8/12/2011 11:08:11 PM(edited)
Probably DOA4. That game is pretty accessable.


it's the only fighting game that has a dedicated button that actually rewards mashing(much less so compared to previous entries but it's still there)... this is on top of being one of the most mash-friendly fighters out there to begin with.

for 2d fighters i'd say one of the versus games like MVC3 since as mentioned it features a "simple" mode.
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#10chocoboblue99Posted 8/12/2011 11:20:29 PM
AsucaHayashi posted...

for 2d fighters i'd say one of the versus games like MVC3 since as mentioned it features a "simple" mode.

Agreed. 3 attack buttons and simple mode. Anyone can win. :)