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buying new games on sale

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5 years ago#1
I was wondering if the developers still get the same amount of profit from their games whether it is sold at 59.99 or say,19.99. Is the retailer the one taking the hit when they sell new games so cheap, or do they somehow pro rate (probably not the correct term...) the amount of cash/profit the dev gets based on the selling price of the game?

I like to think that im supporting the developers by buying new, but I also like saving money so i wait for sales or price drops on alot of games. Is this pretty much as bad as buying used(from the dev's standpoint at least) ? I have no idea how the bussiness side of the game industry works...

thanks for hopefully clarifying this for me.
5 years ago#2
Retailers buy it in bulk, like big bulk for chains like walmart and target at a discounted price I believe.

If I remember right it they are basically fronted a certain amount depending on how many the retailers want or allowed then at every transaction they have to pay a set amount back.

Atleast that's how I think it is but don't quote me.
GT: CleansingMoon
5 years ago#3
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