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Your motto and it's meaning.

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User Info: Justice98405

5 years ago#1
To the mattresses.
If you don't know what it means, I'm not telling ya.
To the mattresses.
PSN: Justice_98405, Xbox Live: Justice98405

User Info: DrunkenJin

5 years ago#2
Off to see your mother!
XLB: CodyBlues. FC 8054-4057-7024-3905 Animal crossing FC 0603-5159-4579
First person to get it- Azrahai

User Info: knives out

knives out
5 years ago#3
bellum se ipsum alet
Man created god in his own image.

User Info: TheMuffin

5 years ago#4
"Pray yo cardsua right" I wanted to also put "Live to tawk about it"

Anyone who gets where it's from gets to be my friend. I will give a hint. It's a chinese person.
Gabrius ~Hedro, tank you for cawling xbox suppaaart, my neem is THOMAS, hawl cun I heeelp you?

User Info: Winternova

5 years ago#5
Winterstar, Esquire

I changed it when I passed the bar. Before then it was "One hoopy frood".
Fan of: Steelers(AFC Champs), Red Wings(Central Champs)
(message deleted)

User Info: bhaalsmasher

5 years ago#7
"Thinking about America and crying."

Pretty self explanatory.
**** SALT.
(message deleted)

User Info: TheStarlight

5 years ago#9
I'm talking about spending time with my game.
The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

User Info: sethgz

5 years ago#10
Step into my reality

My gamertag is NXR Alpha X, the NXR stands for Next Reality. NXR is just a small group of friends really, it's not really a clan or anything although that's what it was originally going to be. Back when it was going to be a clan I had thought up the motto "Step into our reality" for the clan, once it became just a small group of friends, I used it for myself. It fits well with me because I'm always in my own world, I feel like my reality is different from everyone else's.
Gamertag: NXR Alpha X
"The surest sign of immaturity is the never ending desire to appear mature." - Dude_bag
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