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Gears 1 and the disc drive?(360S)

#1KuchikiByakuyaPosted 8/17/2011 5:57:11 AM
Hi, I recently got the Gears triple pack, and whenever I put Gears 1 in my drive it runs incredibly loud. I have installed it to my drive so it stops one the game is launched, but its still a little concerning to me. This is the only game my system has ever dive this with. Any ideas as to why this is, or if something is going on with my copy of Gears or my drive?
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#2death cloudPosted 8/17/2011 6:44:08 AM
I'm not sure if it's something to do with the particular pressing of those Gears discs but I've had the same problem. Running a 4GB slim btw, how about you?
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#3KuchikiByakuya(Topic Creator)Posted 8/17/2011 6:50:29 AM
Same model (4gb), but I got the Slim drive as a gift so its in there as well.
You may be onto something with the pressing, but who knows? The odd thing is, it does the exact same thing on my brothers Elite. But it is literally just Gears 1 that makes both consoles get loud. I guess I shouldn't be too concerned since it stops once its actually booted up thanks to the install.
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#4DARKSTAR6195Posted 8/17/2011 7:04:42 AM
my cpoy of halo reach does the same thing in my 4gb slim. its almost like the disc is just slightly (+/- .002 in) out of round or something. still plays fine but it is much louder even when its installed to the HD
#5b2trumpetPosted 8/17/2011 7:24:25 AM
My Bioshock 2 does that (and it didn't at first), but installing it fixed it.
#6KuchikiByakuya(Topic Creator)Posted 8/17/2011 7:32:38 AM
Odd, at first I thought it was only with Gears as I read some other peoples copies do it as well. But I guess it really is the pressing of the disc for so many different games to do it.
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#7Dragon NexusPosted 8/17/2011 7:38:16 AM
It's the manufacture of the disk.
Some are made with the central hole slightly off centre or the edges are slightly warped, this makes the diskvibrate in the drive. It's not a problem and assuming you have the 240GB hard drive installing your game should be a standard anyway.
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