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who is getting suppremacy MMA

#11LandfillAOPosted 8/24/2011 12:33:23 PM
Also just wanted to add for whoever said this game was bad for the sport....

No offense, but MMA fans are so uptight. A brawl breaks out post-fight at Strikeforce and MMA fans the world over cry a river. It's a sport like any other. Brawls happen in football, futball, basketball, baseball, hockey etc. NFL Blitz was not bad for football. NBA Street was not bad for Basketball. Countless exagerated wrestling games were not bad for wrestling.

It's clearly an arcade game that goes beyond the realms of reality in the sport. I understand MMA is still not a commercially accepted sport in Western Civilization like it is in Asia, but it's a video game. It's not going to affect the sport in anyway, good or bad.

Besides, nothing is going to be worse for the sport than Dana Whit'es mouth, anyway.
#12GSPgreasesPosted 8/24/2011 12:47:43 PM
^ You didnt like Def Jam Vendetta or Fight 4 NY?

Those were pretty much MMA games that were over the top like Supremacy. I think its just a change of pace from a sim. EA did a great sim of MMA but it sold badly. 505 is looking to bring in all the fans that enjoy over the top action.