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Anyone else feel more addicted to collecting games than playing them?

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User Info: liquidblue4

5 years ago#21

From: OmegaBlades | #013
That's hard to do if you're like me, who walks into a store and get about 6 different titles...and come back the next day and get a few more. Like just last week I got 3 games for the Wii, 4 for the DS, 4 for the 3DS, 5 for my PS2, 1 for my PS3, and about 8 or 9 Xbox 360 a PS1 and Dreamcast title I'm waiting for in the mail....and that's a typical week. Have every intention on playing and beating them all, but never have the time, lol.

you just need to stop buying games then.
just pick out one or 2 that you want and get them, beat them, and then get the rest.
i've picked up 6 or 7 games in the last month and chose to skip some other games.
believe me, they'll be there when you want them.
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User Info: shinobisBACK

5 years ago#22
yup collector here, i only buy games that i have interest in playing in the future tho

User Info: almasbaby

5 years ago#23
pakathecat posted...
almasbaby posted...
It's compulsive behavior. It's deep rooted and tough to overcome. Evolutionary psychologists say we inherited it from our ancestors.

This is what I believe as well, I realize it is a compulsive hoarding instinct when I'm doing it. But... given how stressful my work is, that I live frugally otherwise, I ask myself, why not? If it gives me some happiness and doesn't harm anybody else, isn't it a good thing? I know that part of Buddhist philosophy too, and see a good amount of wisdom in Buddhism, but at the same time, if I did not have desires to strive for, I think I would feel, I dunno-- empty, maybe? Perhaps it gives me some purpose (other than my job) in an otherwise purposeless life?

If you get happiness from something, of course it's a good thing. But I really wrestle with my hoarding instincts. I buy stuff I never use just because I'm overwhelmed with a feeling that I've just got to have it. I think I'd be happier if I had more self control. Self mastery is something I believe is a worthwhile pursuit that leads to greater happiness. But I agree that until I have that self mastery (if I ever do) I shouldn't stress over it. That never helps.

User Info: BuckVanHammer

5 years ago#24
my problem really isn't collecting its that i like nearly all genres and theres just too much to keep up. now i just focus on a few genres for awhile then switch it up and catch up an what i missed.
after I leave here I'm gettin a memory enema

User Info: thetrueoskar

5 years ago#25
Yes. =(

I have about a hundred PS2 games alone, 9/10ths of which have never even been opened to put into the machine...

But I'm getting better! Mostly because I won't have a choice pretty soon.
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User Info: Raziel-Freya

5 years ago#26
LOL yeah! I have almost 200 games for 360 and I only played like 50, and 40+ XBLA titles and I have only played like 10 S:

User Info: Iwantedzero

5 years ago#27
Not REALLY, but I do find it hard to get rid of games because I might want to play it again later.
Live long, be happy, and try to ensure those around you do as well.

User Info: MouthBreather82

5 years ago#28
yup im the same way have 50 or so disc games with about 80% of those either being unopened or less than 1 hr played...only games i completed this gen haxe been dead space, re5, dantes inferno and 3d dot game heroes..almost forgot i also finished frontlines campaign aswell

last gens backlog is worse yet

User Info: runuts27

5 years ago#29
I'm poor so I don't have this problem :D
I'm interested in this...
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