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question about ripping music

#1Jonathan7272Posted 8/26/2011 11:17:42 AM
hey guys, this is ganna be quite a mouthfull so sit back.

a couple of years ago my friend burnt musicto a CD-R, and i used it on my radio, i recently got my xbox slim and i wanted to put music on it. i lost the one my friend gave me so i got a used CD - R from my step dad. it had graphs and such on it for buisness but i didnt mind it. i burnt some music on it, but on the xbox it said Mixed Media Disc, ad wouldnt let me rip it.
so today i went to buy some more, fresh and unused ones, my step dad told me to buy DVD-RWs since you can apparently rewrite them and have more space. i then burnt music on it, it asked me if i wanted to use the disc for cd players and such or for audio files or whatever, i picked cd player and burnt it. i put it in my xbox and it still said MULTI MEDIA DISC which really confused me because all it has was audio. i found my cd from my friend today and i said hey what the hell and put it in the xbox. this time it sad Play CD, and it let me rip it.
anyway, i herd if you rip it through itunes instead of wizard/media player, it works. ( i used media player)
any way to fix this. please?!
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#2Jonathan7272(Topic Creator)Posted 8/26/2011 11:31:58 AM
no one?
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#3FoppePosted 8/26/2011 11:37:50 AM
I have no idea if Xbox 360 supports Audio DVD.
What kind of files do you see on the disc if you insert the DVD in your computer?
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