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Is there a wired "new d-pad" controller?

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5 years ago#1
Topic. The d-pad looks nice, but I'd much prefer a wired controller to a wireless one. So are there any official, wired controllers with the new d-pad? I'm not seeing any...
FFXI Valefor: Karnov
5 years ago#2
I suggest a Razer Onza Professional if you want a quality 360 controller that is wired. It's competitively priced and is in every way superior to every other controller on the market (it's a mechanical gamepad)
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5 years ago#3
The Onza is horrible. Stay away from it.
5 years ago#4
FFXI Valefor: Karnov
5 years ago#5
Bump...guessing there's not one?
FFXI Valefor: Karnov
5 years ago#6
there is not, it comes with a play and charge
GT: krpiper
5 years ago#7
The wired controller has a better d-pad than its wireless brother, or so I have heard.
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5 years ago#8
Ah. Well I didn't actually want it for a 360 (though I want to use it with one whenever I get another one,) I wanted it for PC, since FFXI controls like a nightmare with just a keyboard. I used a 360 controller before, and it worked perfectly. I don't want to get a headache trying to get a wireless controller to work on PC (not even sure if I can, I don't have any special computer things,) so that was why I wanted a wired one. Also because I like how wired doesn't need space for a battery pack, so it's lighter and comfier to grip.

Ah well, guess I'll just go for a normal 360 controller then.
FFXI Valefor: Karnov
5 years ago#9
It would be cool if Gamestop had a spot where you could test controllers. They wouldn't even need to be hooked up to game. Just get the feel of them.
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