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What new features would you like the Xbox 720 to have when the console launches?

#11Ryan2002Posted 9/9/2011 11:45:31 PM
Of course the specs are going to be better, that is a given. It's the other optional things that make it nice as others have mentioned, but just a more reliable console altogether.
-being able to read all media file types
-bigger storage
- cloud support(which is already confirmed to be in the starting stages, if not farther), the ability to run background "aps" such as or Zune. I'd love to listen to music from there while I play some games without ripping cds or whatever
-A more customizable dashboard in general, from being able to see more of the background wallpaper to being able to "rate" ads so I see more of which might interest me(facebook can do this, why can't MS? I really have no interest in eating Klondike mint ice cream)
-Surprised nobody mentioned it yet, but backwards compatibility would be nice
A Jose Canseco bat? Tell didn't pay money for this. =-=