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GTA IV: Lack of checkpoints kills it.

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5 years ago#11
Not being able to turn of the ******* camera auto follow killed it for me. It made the on foot unbearable. I LOVED the improved driving mechanics though.
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5 years ago#12
Yeah I never had an issue with the lack of checkpoints in GTA IV. I think I was so immersed in the game and amazed by how good it was that I actually enjoyed how they had new dialogue if you had to retry a mission. And I loved the driving so that helped. But I do agree that having them would have been a better decision as a whole. Some missions that ended by a fluke death of your partner that needed you to drive from Broker to say the 3rd city or even the 2nd city got a bit irritating but luckily didn't happen too often.
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5 years ago#13
What kills it is being forced to start on the other side of the map nad having to drive what seems like forver to get to the start point just so they can force you to endure the pre mission dialogue.
Then once you get there it's a 15 minunte shoot out then at the end of it you are forced to chase someone in a vehical and if they get away IT'S AL THE WAY BACK TO DRIVING ACROSS THE MAP AGAIN UGHHHH
If they would just give you one checkpoint after the driving it would not be soo brutal.
5 years ago#14
Actually you can skip driving to the pre-mission dialogue after you fail a mission. You'll get an indication on your phone right after you fail, press up and it'll give you the option to retry the mission. Did you not know this? Wow imagine your frustration.

But even with this, it's still sometimes a lot of driving just to get to the shootout or chase sequence.
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