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I have an extra Xbox and I'm considering on selling it, need help..

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5 years ago#1
First of all, where should I sell it? Amazon, Craigslist, eBay or any other places?

It's going to be a bundle basically.

Xbox 360 20 GB
4 Wireless Controllers (2 black, 2 white.. if it matters)
4 Battery Packs
Turtle Beach X11's
The Charger Kit thingy that you connect to an outlet, NOT the one you connect to an Xbox
15 games (Halo ODST, CoD Black OPs CE, MW2 CE, CoD4, NBA 2K11, Bioshock 2 + 1, and more, they aren't really new/special just meh/alright games

Now second question, how much should I charge for this? I was considering $249.99 but I'm not sure, if I auction this on ebay, do you think people will go crazy for this?

5 years ago#2
5 years ago#3
I would never sell on Amazon or Ebay for this stuff. You can get seriously screwed over by a con and end up with nothing, if you don't know what you're doing.

You should sell it on Craigslist and bring a counterfeit marker then check the money with it. Also bring a friend would help with the transaction just in case. Also, they can help carry the stuff too.

I'm not good at pricing stuff so I don't know about the price.
5 years ago#4
i've sold stuff before on amazon, i'm not new to it, ty though
5 years ago#5
I think with Gamestop and Amazon, you will get the lowest price possible for this stuff, whereas if you use Craigslist you can kind of test the waters. It it doesn't catch interest at that price(on CL), lower it a little and see if you can get anyone interested.
5 years ago#6
If you go through a company like Amazon, Ebay, or GameStop, then you will most likely get less for it because you have to pay commission.

GS is good because you will get what you will get. They tell you up front that you get this much in Cash and this much in Credit. If you don't like it, you can walk away.

Amazon and Ebay are good when there's no problems. That's all I'm going to say about that. If you want to use them, then just go for it.

I like CL because you can show them what you got and if they like it then they buy it. No middle man commission and no hassle with shipping.
5 years ago#7
I say go with the Ebay Auction

probable should sell the headset by itself though

anyway thats a pretty damn good deal for 250 if you happen to be in NYC i would buy it off you
5 years ago#8
lol i live in NJ and maybe I should bump the price up?
5 years ago#9
Dont go too crazy with the price because no one wants to buy a used xbox. Especially an old version which Im gathering this is.

People are very skeptical. Id say you would be lucky to get 250-275
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