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If you haven't played the new driver you must

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5 years ago#1
It's got to be the most fun I have had in a long time gaming I just can't put it down the cars are great as is the shift concept. If you haven't played it you must best game this year for me.
Xbox GT schmittycent
5 years ago#2
It is a fantastic game, it's got the Ford RS200 in it, I was sold.
5 years ago#3
I have it. I'm pretty far into it - the problem is it has the same 6 things to do over and over and over...... you'll see.
5 years ago#4
I just enjoy cruising the handling is great
Xbox GT schmittycent
5 years ago#5
I guess no body cares about this game it's not a generic shooter so it's apparently not cool.
Xbox GT schmittycent
5 years ago#6
I must say it is a pretty generic racing game. The city is very bland and the missions redundant.

Having said that - I do like Tanner and the presentation is pretty keen, but the reason people don't go wild over it is because it's lacking in key areas like - VARIETY.
5 years ago#7
Fantastic game, I'm passing my praise on to my gaming groups.

It's one part Burnout Paradise and one part Messiah. A GTA style game with the "taking over" mechanic would be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I think we ought always to entertain our opinions with some measure of doubt. I shouldn't wish people dogmatically to believe any philosophy, not even mine.
5 years ago#8
Why does it need a lot a variety in missions I could spend hours just driving around it's called making the game fun in your own way. I would like to know what racing games really have a huge amount of variety
Xbox GT schmittycent
5 years ago#9
I think the game is hurt more so by the lack of back drop. It's like a racing game that takes place on the same track. Wheres the night? The rain? The fog? They worked on this for 5 years... it just becomes mundane.. even arcade racers tend to have "jungle" and "desert" and things to shake the game up - this has none of that.. with invisible walls on top of it all making it restrictive.

I do like the game and was pulled in to the demo by the presentation but when you keep looking under the hood, you realize there isn't a lot there. u mad?
5 years ago#10
That's the problem with gamers this gen they always want just play the game how it's made don't look for bad things just enjoy it not to mention it's San Francisco why would they have jungle and deserts it's a real city unlikeany racing games
Xbox GT schmittycent
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