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Question about the 4 gb model

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User Info: ptar_player

5 years ago#1
I am a ps3 only owner currently, but have really been wanting to play some Gears of War and halo lately. So I'm gonna bite the bullet and get one. I see a bunch of people selling/trading the 4gb model. Is that even enough to hold a game like oblivion? Also how much does a hdd run for? I remember hearing you could only use microsoft hard drives?
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User Info: _Scorch_D62

5 years ago#2
The 4gb model is not enough for you to install most games (can't actually think of one you can). You will be able to save games and download a couple XBLA games though.

Official 250gb hard drives for the 360 S are $80 at Amazon (MSRP $129). I bought a generic 250gb one for $50. The official ones are the ones that can play original Xbox games. I believe that's really the only difference.
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