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So I've decided to upgrade my 60GB HDD. Is this the best option I have?

#1TravisCombsPosted 10/12/2011 6:00:20 AM

Seems legit and it states that it's genuine. It's a US company with a ton of feedback.

Anyway, my 60GB drive just isn't cutting it anymore. I only have like 2 games installed, but I have so many XBLA games and so much DLC from over the years that I have to delete something every time I want to download something new. I've deleted most of my XBLA games because I just don't have the space. And anymore games are really starting to push installs for adequate performance.

Is $80 the best deal I can get on a genuine 250GB hard drive?

Also, the picture shows European flags and European ratings.. I think PEGI and USK or something? I live in the USA. I'm assuming the hard drive is compatible with all 360s, but will the transfer disc give me any problems? (Is it even needed anymore?).

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