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Difference between the Turtle Beach XL1, X11 or X12?

#1drewsk1Posted 10/21/2011 10:41:54 AM
I just bought Batman Arkham City. I also decided to purchase the Turtle Beach XL1 headphones. As soon as I plugged them in I couldn't believe the bass and sound quality, but then they started crackling. I didn't have them more than two days and I decided to return them even though the sound was phenomenal . I then decided to upgrade for $20 and get the X12's.

I got home, plugged them in and I'll be honest, I wasn't impressed. In fact, the XL1's gave out better sound and bass then the X12's and they are $20 cheaper.

Oddly enough, I switch my headphones around... Earphone with mic attached from my right ear to my left ear and for some strange reason it sounded better. (MY ears are fine! lol).

Voices and music were thunderous but then when it come to bass and deep thumping sounds you could barely hear it.

Anyone out there experiencing the same or have had the XL1's or X11's and heard these differences?

I honestly think the XL1's are awesome and cheaper but the build quality isn't as great and they aren't expecially cool to look at.

Anyone tried the SkullCandy headphones? I'm looking for earphones (budget) that give off freaking awesome base and you can feel the action.