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selling battlefield 3

#11IcornianPosted 10/26/2011 1:54:16 PM
If you don't mind selling on craigslist you can easily get $45-50 cash especially if the online codes is unused.
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#12GobizkuPosted 10/27/2011 9:26:16 AM
Trugamer posted...
You actually think Gamestop is gonna have their employees waiting on MS 1-800 customer service to find out if a code has been used or not? that time alone would be worth more than the code , think again.
Unless there is some super easy database they could acess online to find out this info there is no way Gamestop is checking they are just assuming all codes are used

I get calls all the time from GS employees trying to verify if a code has been used, so no, you're 100% wrong.
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