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C/D: dirt 3 + grid=youll never need another racing game

#11LapanuiPosted 10/27/2011 1:57:53 AM
I can't really decide. I haven't played Grid, but if it's anything like Dirt than I guess it's a good game. I am actually close to completing Dirt 3, preordered it on Steam and got Dirt 2 with it. Both amazing games. Dirt 2 had really nice Rally Tracks, I would say even better than Dirt 3's Rally Tracks, but Dirt 3 has those awesome DC and Gymkhana Challenges.

I haven't played a Forza game before, but have seen my mate play Forza 3 and he didn't like it to begin with. After a couple of weeks he was really into it, he even got Forza 2 and enjoyed that as well. I will eventually get a Forza game, Forza 4 looked good, but to many games coming out this year now. I will most likely pick up NFS The Run though, played the demo and loved it.
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#12seb03Posted 10/27/2011 5:18:33 AM
dirt 3 and grid were both meh
dirt 2 was better
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#13GollyFluffPosted 10/27/2011 6:23:57 AM
Mario kart is not on the list
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#14Halochief6Posted 10/27/2011 6:28:05 AM
GollyFluff posted...
Mario kart is not on the list

This lol.
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#15DarknessR18Posted 10/27/2011 7:20:31 AM

Dirt 3 was horrible. GRID was good though.
#16Frisco557Posted 10/27/2011 7:31:05 AM(edited)
maxmouse2008 posted...
D you forgot Forza 4

this. I love Codemasters, but they lack the option of upgrading your car.

I would recommend Grid and any of the Dirt games. In fact, the only Codemasters racing game I don't recommend is the F1 series if you aren't an F1 nut. I'm a huge car guy, but F1 is rather dull to me because you only get 12 cars and 19 tracks.
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