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So what games have you picked up this year and what else do you plan on buying?

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5 years ago#1
So what games have you purchased so far this year? And what else do you plan on buying?

So far

Xbox 360

Dead Island
Dark Souls
BF 3
Batman AC
NBA 2k12
Madden 12
Fifa 12
Dues Ex
The Cursed Crusade
Gears of War 3


Ico and SOTC
White Knight Chronicles 2

I plan on picking up before the end of this year

Saints Row 3rd
Sky rim
WWE 12

A special thanks to Kmart for saving me loads of cash lol
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5 years ago#2
Uhm hmmm. Lemme think here.

For Xbox 360:

Assassins Creed 2(still havent played it yet)
Fallout New Vegas(again)
Dragon Age 2
The Bourne Conspiracy
Call of Juarez: The Cartel(was a gift)

I plan to get:

Saints Row The Third

I actually just bought a PS3 this past September, and these are the games I bought for it:

Heavy Rain
Uncharted 1
Uncharted 2
Killzone 2

I plan to get:

Uncharted 3
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5 years ago#3
Only counting 2011 releases

Xbox 360
Gears of War 3
Crysis 2

Dead Space 2
L.A. Noire
inFamous 2
Yakuza 4
White Knight Chronicles 2
Killzone 3
Ar Tonelico: Quoga
Disgaea 4
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Dark Souls
Shadows of the Damned
Tomb Raider Trilogy (could have been released in 2010?)
Prince of Persia Trilogy (could have been released in 2010?)
Deus Ex: HR
No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Xenoblade Chronicles

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday

Plan to get, maybe not all of them though:
Atelier Totori
God of War Collection 2
Batman: Arkham City
Resistance 3
Ratchet & Clank: all 4 One
Resistance 3
Alice: Madness Returns
Portal 2
Sonic Generations
Battlefield 3
Skyward Sword
Child of Eden
Dragon Age 2
House of the Dead Overkill - Extended Cut
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
Dead Island
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5 years ago#4

Assassins Creed I
Assassin's Creed II
Forza 3

Plan to buy:
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5 years ago#5
Games that came out this year only: (I say that, since I've bought around 130-150 games from previous years this year)

Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga
EDF: Insect Armageddon
LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars
Two Worlds 2

360 Plan to get:
Forza 4
Gears 3
Skyrim (only 1 of these 3 I've preordered. Also the first game I'll pay $60 for this gen., though it will be dethroned a few days later by Zelda: Skyward Sword bundle, which will be $70)

Wii Plan to get: (just bought my MK Wii bundle Tuesday, so I've got alot of catching up to do)
LoZ: Skyward Sword Bundle

Dragon Quest VI (6)
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2
Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns
Monster Tale
Pokemon White
Radiant Historia
YGO World Championship 2011

DS Plan to get:
Kirby Mass Attack
Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Dissidia 012
God Eater Burst
Mega Man Dual Pack (the games came out a few years ago, but this pack released this year)
Tactics Ogre

PSP Plan to get:
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Impact

I didn't realize how many games I bought that came out this year. Oh well, it's nothing compared to all of the older games I've bought this year ;D
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5 years ago#6
Have bought:

Crysis 2
Infamous 2
Infamous: Festival Of Blood
Gears Of War 3
Forza 4


Killzone 3
LA Niore

Plan To Get:
Uncharted 3
5 years ago#7
this year has kinda sucked for me so far.

crysis 2
la noire
portal 2
deus ex
mortal kombat
battlefield 3
dead island
dirt 3
batman ac
fear 3
dragon age II
dead space 2
and a hand full of arcade games

most of these have been letdowns. will be getting mw3, skyrim when they come out.
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5 years ago#8
As for 2011 releases...

Infamous 2
Portal 2
Dark Souls
Batman: Arkham City
God of War Origins Collection

Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga
Triple Pack (Splosion Man, Trials HD, Limbo)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I'm probably forgetting something.

I plan to get Skyward Sword and Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition in the next few months. Maybe L.A. Noire ultimate edition too. Bastion, Alice: Madness Returns, and Catherine are also possibilities.
5 years ago#9
Gears of War 3
Alice Madness Returns
Mortal Kombat
Crysis 1 and 2
BlazBlue Continuum Shift\Killzone 3
Resistance 3
Street Fighter IV AE
Marvel Vs Capcom 3
God of War Origins Collection
Dead Space 2
Alan Wake
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Metroid Other M
Conduit 2
Red Steel II
Batman AA
Heavenly Sword
Castlevania LOS

Plan on getting

Uncharted 3
007 Reloaded
Modern Warfare 3
Halo Anniversary
King of Fighters XIII
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Kirby Return to Dreamland


Batman AC
Medal of Honor


See The Game Collection
5 years ago#10
I bought Darksouls and Gears3, i plan to buy RedDeadGotY and the complete L.A. Noire. i've also bought DungeonDefenders and will probably buy a few other arcade games.
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