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gamestop trade in question. ...

#1owens_terrell81Posted 10/30/2011 9:19:57 PM
if I trade in deus ex, days it's $17. plus I am a power up pro member so thats 10% more. is it true that u also get an extra 30% for any trade in that fires for a skyrim preorder?
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#2MestizoFreakPosted 10/30/2011 10:14:53 PM
First off, the trade-in values aren't universal to all stores. Cheapassgamer said I'd get 25 for Portal 2, and I got 16. And as for the Skyrim thing, if it qualifies, you need to ask for the deal in question AND use the entire stock of credit towards the preorder.
#3kst8erPosted 10/31/2011 6:10:02 AM
the girl at the gamestop that is close to me told me that you only get the extra 30 percent for NEW preorders. i already had a existing pre order for skyrim so she told me the extra 30 percent didnt apply to my trade in. i know i could have simply cancelled the pre order and then re did it all but instead i just took my business elsewhere.
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