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Why wont my disk drive open?!?

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User Info: Jigglybuff

5 years ago#1
It does this every now and then with or without a disk in it. But I just usually have to hit the button 2 or 3 times and it opens. Tonight I get home, go to put in BF3, and it wont open at all. Been spending the past 20 minutes trying to get it to open to no avail.

If I wasn't buying Car Insurance this week I would just buy a new one. But I really need to wait another week to buy a new 360, so I don't want this one to not work at all. Works fine though, just wont freaking open.

Also, its a normal older model that was originally launched when the 60 gig hDD first was made.
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User Info: Jedi_Mercenary

5 years ago#2
My Elite has that problem when I don't have anything in it. At the beginning it took a couple of tries, now it only works with the "special trick". Gently push the tray when you try to open it. I haven't completely perfected the timing yet (don't want to try it any more than I have to)
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