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Adding Alice : Madness Returns to my list of underrated games.

#11Surv1valismPosted 10/31/2011 11:13:45 AM
I only first played it about a month ago myself, first few hours i thought, wow this is amazing, but after being force to float on the next 10,000 air streams it went down a few points...still great tho don't get me wrong, just a wayyyyyy overused mechanic.
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#12EnemyWithin88Posted 10/31/2011 12:51:24 PM
My 2 underrateds so far are Splatterhouse and Duke Nukem Forever. I'd give both at least a 7-7.5.

I really fail to see how splatterhouse got a 4.5 from gamespot. All these glitches that were talked about I only saw a few short graphical ones, the game wasn't marred with those so called "cheap deaths" (I think the reviewers just sucked and I SUCK at games). and I found the campaign awesome.

As far as Duke we all know how that went. Some expected it to be life changing some hated it from the git-go some thought it'd be as good as 3D. For me it was perfect length, lots of arcadey old school dodge and shoot, and in my eyes hilarious comedy. Multiplayer is decent but not as busy as I'd like and the free add-on is pretty awesome.

Havent played Alice yet but I played the first and loved it though never beat it I got lost. So I'm hoping to pick it up eventually I loved the whole look of the game.
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#13seb03Posted 10/31/2011 12:52:06 PM
Did they ever fix that problem where the disc still spins after installing?
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#14MrMikeMa(Topic Creator)Posted 10/31/2011 1:02:46 PM
My 2 underrateds so far are Splatterhouse and Duke Nukem Forever. I'd give both at least a 7-7.5.

Well, I also loved these two, especially Splatterhouse, so get Alice at some point. And try to buy it new, so you get the free code for the first Alice game, so you can go back and beat that one as well.

And Alice didn't update when I installed the game, and the disc does NOT spin on my machine,
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#15davepescPosted 10/31/2011 1:21:10 PM
I had a lot of fun with the game, but 72 sounds about right. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the story interesting, but the individual levels dragged on too long and I was always fighting the jumping controls. Combat, also, got tedious. I hated how you couldn't break out of long combo animations (hobby horse) and ended up taking hits because of it.

But, even with that, I finished it and loved the ending.
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#16Terminal OmegaPosted 10/31/2011 5:50:30 PM
I was very satisfied with this game because I remember starting but never finishing the first game and was super happy to find that it was packaged with the sequel. The second game's story is superior to the first and the platforming was generally very well done. My only complaint is that it seemed to drag a bit as each successive level seems to be longer than the previous (except the very last stage).
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#17jcavantPosted 10/31/2011 6:33:50 PM
I love the game, and still feel that a 72 is a fair score. Enjoyment value does not equal game quality to me, and I feel that reviews should be about game quality. I dislike GTA games, but at the same time, I think they deserve the praise they receive.
#18ShadowElite86Posted 10/31/2011 7:41:42 PM
The game has some good qualities such as combat and platforming that work well, as well as a nice art style. It's just that the game dragged on way too long IMO, it go boring the more I progressed.