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bbb complaint against microsoft info

#1dammitdan57Posted 11/10/2011 12:31:17 PM
for those of you that have filed a complaint from account being suspended well over the 25 business day period, what location did you select for the business. only thing it would recognize for business name was microsoft. but it then comes up with a list of a bunch of locations.

how do i know which one when i call 18004myxbox
im located in California
#2slyman19Posted 11/10/2011 1:15:43 PM
How many days over the period is your case?
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#3TravisCombsPosted 11/10/2011 1:17:31 PM
I would pick Redmond, Washington if that's applicable.
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#4dammitdan57(Topic Creator)Posted 11/10/2011 1:22:59 PM
yeah thats the one i ended up picking.
#5djwagonPosted 11/10/2011 3:07:30 PM(edited)
lol tc got in trouble .when I first posted I thought it was about tc gt being hijacked.bbb will not help you with that problem .THEM may even lol at you
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#6seb03Posted 11/10/2011 3:03:45 PM
You got suspended? Then you deserve to have it last longer than it should!
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#7death cloudPosted 11/10/2011 3:13:00 PM
inb4 this doesn't accomplish a single thing.
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#8JKSonicPosted 11/10/2011 3:15:23 PM

From: death cloud | #007
inb4 this doesn't accomplish a single thing.

Actually I had gone through two original XBox's and they wanted me to pay almost the price of a new console to fix it. I said screw you and I contacted the BBB. Not even a month later a MS rep contacted me and offered me a much better deal on fixing it. Of course by that time I sold my broken one "as is" on Ebay and used the money towards a new one and came out better for it anyway, but still.
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#9dammitdan57(Topic Creator)Posted 11/10/2011 3:44:43 PM
i deserve being suspended for something that wasnt my fault?

how is that?

yes it was dumb to have both ea account and xbox account the same email and password. but in no way should anyone have ever had access to that info.
#10dammitdan57(Topic Creator)Posted 11/10/2011 4:24:37 PM
so i filled the complaint about 4 hours ago.

i just now got an email from microsoft finally to reset my passwords and have access to my account.