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What's games are on your Christmas list?

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5 years ago#31
Graphics card for PC so I can play above
Dark Souls

and thats it
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5 years ago#32
Just a Playstation 3 and maybe god of war 3
5 years ago#33
I only want
Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3
Tekken hybrid
Dragonball z ultimate tenkaichi
And a year xbl gold

Can't think of anything else I want
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5 years ago#34
MGS HD Collection (Above all. I <3 MGS3)

That's basically it. I'd like a new computer and I'm for sure getting an Iphone, so that's pretty much Christmas for me. Haha.
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5 years ago#35
Everything since March I think...

But I'll have to buy it all.
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5 years ago#36
Age has nothing to do with it.. If I'm out buying people gifts during the crazy ass shopping season I better be getting some in exchange whether I'm 15 or 50
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