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So, I might be getting a 360 for Christmas and I have a few questions.

#11Addonexus666Posted 11/11/2011 11:35:50 PM(edited)
5. Before I got my HDTV for my 360, I had to use a 20 inch SDTV. I had the same issue as you, needed an RF adapter. I bought this RF modulator off Amazon, and it worked perfectly.

EDIT, my gaming systems are kept in a spare bedroom, along with all of our PCs. A large TV won't fit in that room with the limited room space we have. I have a little 24 inch HDTV that I got on sale at Walmart. Small compared to what I'm sure everyone else here has, but it does its job. If your sister lets you use that TV, it'll work fine.
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#12Ionizer(Topic Creator)Posted 11/12/2011 2:38:49 AM

My brother wants me to ask: is your GamerTag your name for everything you do online? For example, if he made his Gamertag "LilBro" would everyone see him as "LilBro" on everything from COD:MW3 to Halo to MvsC3 to L4D? What about games where you make your own character and can customize it? Do all his characters have to be named "LilBro?"

We've kinda decided that we need the Xbox Live Gold Family thingy. Does it matter who is the "main" account?
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