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Black Friday?

#11johnwu05Posted 11/23/2011 5:44:56 PM
vigorm0rtis posted...
johnwu05 posted...
Good to see that there are others like me who don't have xbox but are thinking of getting one on black Friday or cyber Monday. I don't really have any intentions of driving out and waiting in line so I'll look for deals online. Maybe bestbuy offers the 250gb for 199.99 online as well? I'll have to check Friday and Monday.

Yeah, do this. I just left the grocery last night and there were already tents set up outside the Best Buy next door-- and I live in a relatively small town. $100 isn't worth it to me to weather those crowds unless I get to do it with a cattle prod.

yuck, yeah man, doesn't sound like fun. i'm interested in either the bestbuy deal for the 250gb bundle or the walmart 4gb with gears of war 3 and the $50 gc. i might get the latter since the only reason i'm getting a 360 anyway is to play skyrim (i have a ps3 but i've decided not to get skyrim on ps3 if it's really as unplayable as people said it is). i'll probably start browsing thursday night online.