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Best Surround Sound Gaming Headset?

#11CapwnDPosted 11/23/2011 4:20:57 PM

From: Knifegash | #010
I was recommended the Turtle Beach PX21s on this site.

They were great, for about a month. Then I heard a crackling in the left earphone every time the bass came on. I'm on my second replacement and it's starting to do it. Freaking toys, man.

Are you using RCA directly from the 360? Or are you doing the thing where it's plugged into the back of your TV and to the Turtle Beach? I'm just thinking that maybe something in your TV is sending static to the headset, like if you have a hot cable going to your TV's tuner.
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#12KnifegashPosted 11/23/2011 6:31:40 PM
No, no, the audio processor is connected directly to the TOS-link port on the Xbox. Trust me, it's the headphones. Smacking the left headphone stops the crackling momentarily, but it always comes back. Shoddy workmanship.
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