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Better sound quality: Trittons or Turtle Beaches?

#11CapwnDPosted 6/21/2012 7:34:38 PM(edited)
Are you looking for surround sound gaming headphones or just stereo gaming headphones?

How much do you want to spend? Do you want the best of the best or do you want what you can get within a budget?
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#12shatteredwallPosted 6/21/2012 7:44:40 PM
Joshua0286591 posted...
Thank you. I've heard that Trittons "break easier". Is it true? Regardless, I may just purchase the Trittons now.

Yes. You look at them wrong and the things will shatter. I will NEVER own another pair of tritons. Absolute garbage.
#13OmegaBladesPosted 6/21/2012 7:50:40 PM
Joshua0286591 posted...
Thank you. I've heard that Trittons "break easier". Is it true? Regardless, I may just purchase the Trittons now.

So far, mine hasn't broke yet, had it for about 4 months. No problems as of yet and I've used it almost every day, including taking the Mic out and back in and it works fine, the speakers work fine but I'm not blasting the volume to try to make them break either. They've fell on the floor once or twice off my bed and worked fine.

The turtles equivalent was giving me issues with the surround sound thing going wacky when I switched between games and videos on netflix and I'd have to reset it constantly, never has an issue with the tritton so I stuck with that. Plus the fact that I'm able to record xbl chat with it for my gameplays is another nice thing I like about it over the turtles, but that's a personal feature.
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#14BiskePosted 6/21/2012 8:43:20 PM
My first headset was the TB X11s. Good entry set. Mic was fine, sound was pretty good. Obviously not surround sound on its own. They were pretty comfortable. Got mad at a fighting game though and I pulled them off my head it pulled the cords out of the left ear cup. Was pretty disappointed since I didn't like get mad crazy ripping them off my head or anything.

My next set was the AX720s. These were great, and the little surround sound simulator box they come with works pretty good. Definitly way better sound then the TBs. They feel kind of stiff, and like they might break, but to me they were always pretty comfy to wear and I never had any issue with breaking them. I ended up using them more on my PC then my xbox though so I didn't take as much advantage of the surround sound as I could of. However I want to say around 6-8 months though my mic went bad, people couldn't hear me, and the sound started getting crackly and full of static.

Now I have the newer TBX12s with the DSS, which is the same thing the 720s come with that splits the sound and gives you simulated surround. The sound quality is pretty close to the 720s. There isn't a big enough difference that you'd notice while playing a game. Maybe if you sat real still and listened for it, but like I said, in the middle of a game you won't notice it. I also got this as a bundle for less then the 720s cost. Definitly worth it. Given what I know now this is the set I'd go with.

If you just want the headset go without the DSS, but if you want that simulated surround sound on a pretty decent budget, bundling with the DSS is a pretty good deal. If for some reason this is below what you want, I'd just recommend saving your pennies and spring for the big leagues with Astros or something.
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