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Xbox 360 Game Save/Profile Transfer Question?

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4 years ago#1
I gave away my old Xbox 360 and am thinking of maybe getting a new one.
I have about 10 game saves and Xbox Live profile saved onto a USB.

My question is: If I just plug the USB into the new Xbox, will I be able to transfer all of the game saves, achievements, and profiles with no problem?

I am just worried because I know the PS3 doesn't allow this on many games as the saves are blocked and trophies are blocked when transferred to another PS3.

On a side note: I heard that the Glossy Xbox 360 Slims are discontinued, is that true??
4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
You'll be fine, with no restrictions. Also note that it's redundant to ask if achievements and profiles carry over since achievements are directly tied with the profile.

With very few possible exceptions. I know that Team Ninja (DoA, Ninja Gaiden) was notorious for console locking their savegames last gen, and for some reason I think there's the slightest possibility they might have done the same this gen. I think you'll be fine, but someone needs to confirm this.

But you're fine with 99% of games for sure and maybe even 100%.
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