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Thanks EA for one of the worst "UltImate EdItIons" to date.

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4 years ago#41
I don't like the idea of EA taking away content that was offered in previous releases. Like some posters have mentioned the ME1 platinum hits edition had DLC included and so did the PS3 version of ME2. I can understand not including anything with the third game but part 1 and 2 came out years ago, and extra content was included. For this trilogy not to include this previously released free content is just ridiculous in my opinion.
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4 years ago#42
If this says anything it's that EA is mentally challenged.
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4 years ago#43
Plus like others have said. The official Mass Effect websites calls it "The Definitive Mass Effect Experience" where as they should of just called it something like The triple pack or game bundle. Calling it the Trilogy (yes i know that just having the 3 makes it a trilogy), but calling it that and then saying it is "The Definitive Mass Effect Experience" is rather misleading.
4 years ago#44
What's the point of this collection then?
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4 years ago#45
TheArcade posted...
What's the point of this collection then?

Ideally on the EA side because they can.
On the customer side for someone who does not want to bother investing a little time in getting the deals or for some reason miss the BestBuy deal witch does end soon. or just want all three in the same box for some reason, or someone who must have Mass Effect 1 for PS3 on Disc.
4 years ago#46
Wanted to bump this to let anyone who was interested know that the @Gamer BestBuy magazine coupon that makes Mass Effect 3 10/15 dollars will expire on the 6th two days from now.

So if anyone has been waiting on a deal for Mass Effect 3 for Xbox or PS3, this is about as good as it is going to get new.
4 years ago#47
The Xbox Classics version of Mass Effect includes Bring Down the Sky and a bonus disc, they should at least include that.
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4 years ago#48
One more bump for anyone who for some reason missed it today is the last day for you to grab Mass Effect 3 for 10 dollars new if you are subscribed to BestBuy's @Gamer magazine with the coupon inside or buying a copy in store for 5 dollars. still getting Mass Effect 3 for 15, saving at-least 5 dollars.
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  3. Thanks EA for one of the worst "UltImate EdItIons" to date.

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