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What's the worst thing to ever happen to you in your gaming life?

#201M_LivePosted 10/7/2012 8:40:19 PM
My first xbox 360 crashed; second one was stolen.

And I made the mistake of selling my dreamcast & like 20 games :/
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#202ChipChippersonPosted 10/7/2012 10:48:28 PM
Sold a box full of snes, nes, genesis and sega cd games for money for concert tickets. i had the working designs rpgs, the good sega cd shooters, etc, in that box. i got $80 for an air conditioner box full of games. :(

guys do stupid things for a piece of tail....
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#203AkubunakPosted 10/8/2012 12:31:57 AM
Sold my GC (which I loved) for a skateboard and gear... Kept all the games though so eventually I'm gonna get another and love it just like old times.

Or when we had a blackout while I was playing my 360... RROD started flashing and I freaked out. When the power came back on it worked again but still that was not a good experience for me
#204Jack Talk ThaiPosted 10/8/2012 4:05:29 AM
Perfec7__ posted...
Someone hacked my Phantasy Star Online character on my Dreamcast that had 250+ hours on it and swapped my badass character for a super fat Lvl 1 gross guy.

I cried. I was also 11 or 12.

I befriended some Gameshark users during PSO's DC heyday, and used to lure players into rooms with enticing names like 'Gunworld' or 'Free Items', and upon entering the room they were transformed into 'NOL'. Oh, the laughter, the pure comedy as the player sat stunned, all that hard work gone. They never knew that if they only shut off the DC (not saving), they would've been fine.

I was young, and regret it now. I do penance by being 'Nice And Helpful Guy' in the few online games I play, and that's much more rewarding and gratifying. *hugs a kitten*
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#205MacDofGlasgowPosted 10/8/2012 4:30:59 AM
Phantasy Star Online.

Honestly, it's a terrible game yet I played it for a few thousand hours. I actually wish I'd not played it at all. Reason I never boot it up, even to check stats on an item or potter around - I'll end up playing it again, even though I know it sucks.
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#206Evil Ryu919Posted 10/8/2012 8:30:22 AM
MacDofGlasgow posted...
Phantasy Star Online.

Honestly, it's a terrible game yet I played it for a few thousand hours. I actually wish I'd not played it at all. Reason I never boot it up, even to check stats on an item or potter around - I'll end up playing it again, even though I know it sucks.

I came in here post this exact game except I love the game though and hope PSO2 comes here. My worst thing was when my dad was rushing me and I accidently turned of the game before it could finish saving and there went my 4 characters well over a hundred one of which was in his 180's, If you've played you know how long it takes to level in that. I didn't touch it for a year after that.

My next thing probably would be I sought out a 60 gb PS3 for years, because I badly wanted bc since I had a lot of PS2 games and a memory card full of all my data. So I finally get a PS3 60 gb, bought it off some kid for $200, then it took me a while to track down the adapter to move my ps2 data onto the PS3, finally get that after a few months, end up having to drive about 15 miles to a gamestop. Then shortly after the PS3 breaks down and if for it to get repaired theyd have to wipe all my memory and they wanted another $200, whereas they offered to just send me a 120gb slim for $100 which I did. Sometimes I think about if that was the right move but I was upset about that for a while,

I have tons of other stories like games getting stolen and systems breaking down.
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#207invertedlegdropPosted 10/8/2012 11:57:49 AM
I had bought a boxfull of NES games for $5 at a yardsale years ago. It had the cords, the system, controllers, light-gun, and several games. Most of them sucked(lame sports games, and even RAMBO........AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...........seriously go watch the AVGN's video on's that bad) but some were great( the mario games, Contra, the Zeldas, Kid Icurias,etc).

Anyway after a while I decide to give it to my little brother for his 5th birthday. I got into gaming when i was 5 with the SNES, so i would try to get him started with the NES.

I gave it to him, and he loved it. A few days later i walked to my dads house to see the gang. No one was home, but i went inside anyway. Something felt off, so i went to the laundry room( to this day i don't know why i did) and i found the most of my NES games in a trash bag. I instantly rescued them and took them and my system back to my house. When i spoke to my dad about it, he said that it was his wifes idea to get rid of all the violent games and leave all the safe one(which were just the crappy sports games).

Then she threw the rest away( even the Zeldas and Mario games). Don't worry, i saved all of them in time. I kept the system and the games to this day. I said as long as she is in this family, my brother won't be able to enjoy gaming.

The good news is that my Dad divorced that piece of garbage, and moved back to our town. He left town after the NES thing and moved to another he is back.

Also my dad got custody of my little brother, the woman traded him to get the house...what a awful person.....and no she is not my mother....relax.

Now he is 13, and he got a PS2 from me and my other bros. I got him a memory card, and let him borrow some of my older games( like Medal of Honor Frontline, Burnout3, GT3, and Timesplitters 2).

Now he can game in piece, and he loves Gran Turimso and Burnout 3. He wants to start on the Mass Effect series now....hopefully 3 won't disappoint him too much.
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#208RedFive3Posted 10/8/2012 12:39:47 PM
My little brothers broke one of our dads tools, so my dad took a hammer to one of our NES games. The game was partly mine, but I had nothing to do with the breaking of my dads tool.
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#209Siara_SedaiPosted 10/8/2012 1:20:42 PM
invertedlegdrop posted...
even RAMBO........AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...........seriously go watch the AVGN's video on's that bad)

Sorry to go off-topic here, but did you even play Rambo? For a movie licensed game, it was really good for its time. It doesn't matter that he couldn't figure out that you press up to go North, and it doesn't matter if there 'wasn't a giant spider in the movie' or not; As if Rambo wouldn't come across spiders in nature while trying to survive in the jungle? AVGN glosses over the good aspects of the game and plays it like a kid who didn't bother to glance at the instruction booklet. He pretends like the knife is the only weapon you get in the game for half the review and doesn't bother to mention the fun you can have with grenades, explosive arrows, or the machine gun, because that would go against the 'theme' of the review. I call that biased journalism.

Rambo played very much like an extended side-scrolling Legend of Zelda II. If you liked that part of LoDII, it's a GREAT GAME. It was long, with great music and challenging boss battles, mild role-playing elements, an impressive 'escape the prison' sequence where you get to play as Co, and the cut-scenes followed the storyline for Rambo II just fine.

AVGN was just wrong about Rambo, and, while most of the games he reviews deserve a good riffing, this one doesn't. And, as entertaining as he may be, James Rolf is not very good at video games.
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#210Caution999Posted 10/8/2012 1:49:04 PM(edited)
People take AVGN's videos seriously?

I just watch them for fun. I mean, unless the game is a sure fire piece of crap, I wouldn't take his complaints very seriously. I mean, he reviewed the original TMNT, and while it is indeed a flawed game, you can still have fun with it. But who the hell wouldn't enjoy him bashing at all of the things in that game which drove us crazy when we were kids? Same with Castlevania 2. If you don't know the games aren't HORRIBLE then you really shouldn't be watching the reviews, anyhow. His complaints in the reviews are more for the people who have played these games, and he's putting the major problems under a microscope. Saying what we all thought as a kid about X boss or X level. He gets to scrutinize anything he wants. And, as a guy who was brought up with the NES, it's funny as hell. Plus, he's acting as a character. Some guy who is nerd raging at the game. How do people take him seriously? It's meant for laughs.

Now, some of the games, like Superman 64 and Back to the Future....yeah, those are the ones you can say are his most accurate because those games are god awful.
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