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ncaa 13 or nba 2k13 or madden 13

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4 years ago#1
so tough.. i like them all but only feel i want 1.. leaning toward ncaa
but feel the more fast nba gameplay might be more fun for pick up and play. like 1vs1 and dream team.. but

i hear ncaa isnt go for the first time ever? is this true
4 years ago#2
Like usual NCAA still has some problems. I buy it every year and I always play it for a month or two and it just collects dust... *sigh*

I would go with NBA 2K13 personally. It is definitely the most complete option, even though it is probably the most expensive too.
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4 years ago#3
ok off to get nba 2k13...

bummer for football lets hope next year ncaa has the madden graphics
4 years ago#4
Madden is also supposed to be pretty good this year, with a huge improvement in game physics.

But yeah, I think NBA 2K13 is probably the best of the 3.
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