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Modding a fable 3 save?

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4 years ago#1
Hey guys I just wanted to know if fixing a fable 3 save is something you can get banned for on xbox 360, I recently had my fable 3 save corrupted and I don't know why and so when i went to fix it using horizon it game me 50mil in my game does this mean I will get banned now, like money wasn't a problem before I had 30 mil but it added 20 mil and now I am scared I would hate to get banned over something so dumb as a fable 3 save data getting corrupted.
4 years ago#2
I may be wrong, but I think as long as it didn't give you unearned achievements you will be ok.
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4 years ago#3
okay thank you, i was just worried because i normally dont mod the save but since i lost everything i had to try to fix the save
4 years ago#4
Any sorts of mods have a risk of a permanent ban if you play with it online whether it gets you achievements or not. Really, just not worth it to do it. Back stuff up on the cloud or a USB so you don't have to worry about a save being corrupted.

Don't forget that people have been banned permanently for modding their avatar skin color. And that gives no benefits at all. From all appearances, MS has a zero tolerance policy for mods.
4 years ago#5
So is editing a save file count as modding?
4 years ago#6
_LtMark_ posted...
So is editing a save file count as modding?

Probably, yes, but it doesn't really matter. No one is going to report you for modding over a Fable 3 save, unless they are a complete douche. Quit worrying about it.
4 years ago#7
okay thanks have a nice day guys thanks for the quick replies
4 years ago#8
WTH is "fix it using horizon" ?
4 years ago#9
PoloMan6 posted...
WTH is "fix it using horizon" ?

Horizon is a modding tools often used for patching games when systems are not connected online.
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4 years ago#10
Well so there is like some weird problem with fable 3 were sometimes randomly your save will get corrupted and there is no way to fix it without bringing your save to your computer. so since my save got corrupted I needed to fix it somehow since fable 3 never fixed the problem so I used a program named horizon which is used to delete like the last auto save unfortunately the only way to save after that is by making some change so it gave me 2000 guild seals, now the seals were not needed at all since this was my 3rd character and I already have most achievements so the only real use for this character was just the change of pace. But I just needed to repair it using horizon I did not change anything else. So do you guys think xbox will really have such a problem with this program I don't think so but you never know.
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