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SHOOTEMUP - You blink, you die... loop 7! (SHMUP/STG/SHOOTER)

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4 years ago#301
I just wanted to say, this year looks unbelievably good for 360 disc-based shmups so far.

Ginga Force - out now
Caladrius - 4/25
XIIZEAL & DeltaZEAL (shooting love 10th anniversary) - 5/30
Saidaioujou - 5/30

And that's only the first half of the year.

I'm definitely getting all of them, although I can't get Ginga Force until next month because I blew my cash on pcbs this month.
Raizing. Psikyo. Toaplan.
4 years ago#302
By chance anyone have a playasia $5 off code I can bum?
SEGA DREAMCAST, it only does everything.
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3 years ago#303
Kaciel posted...
Soukyugurentai is one of my fave shmups. The style and gameplay is unique and definitely challenging as it's by Raizing. The PS1 version has a OP fighter plane which is pretty fun if you're just looking to destroy everything.

Ibara for consoles is only on PS2 (PAL) as far as I know. Ketsui for consoles is only for Xbox (PAL) as far as I know. If you're interested in Ibara and don't have a PAL PS2, Pink Sweets is a sequel to that and it's available on Xbox, region-free.

No, Ibara on PS2 is NTSC-J only (japanese region) as is Ketsui on xbox360 (japanese region ONLY). Ketsui WILL NOT work on a euro or usa 360 console.

Skipping Ginga Force for now, but count me in for Caladrius and SDOJ (obviously).
we... must... save... this... doomed... world...
3 years ago#304
Ginga is awesome. Might bump Eschatos off the top before I'm done.... Qute has impressed this gen.
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius
3 years ago#305
I do gotta say that all the Eschatos love on this board lately is quite awesome.

BroDudeJaggies certainly is a fan, at least ;-)
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius
3 years ago#306
Just beat IBARA... it was awesome! Better than Do Don Pachi
3 years ago#307
foxyReyoko posted...
Just beat IBARA... it was awesome! Better than Do Don Pachi

Speaking of which.... wasn't this supposedly coming out for XBLA at some point?

I know Cave was considering either this or Dangun Feveron for a digital release... meh, I'd want Esp Ra.D.E. instead.
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius
3 years ago#308
DoDonPachi is unlockable on the Instant Brain disc.
Raizing. Psikyo. Toaplan.
3 years ago#309
jeneki posted...
Instant Brain disc.

...what is that?
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius
3 years ago#310
Instant Brain is a visual novel by Cave.

So basically, you have to sit through a visual novel (in Japanese) just to play DoDonPachi.
Raizing. Psikyo. Toaplan.
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